Covid-19 health protocol
at the Relais de Scissé

In view of the current health crisis, we would like to inform you of the measures we have taken to ensure that your stay is as pleasant as possible.

The Sanitary or Vaccinal pass is requested on arrival.

Following governmental decisions that could be taken, and during periods of administrative closure of the guest houses due to an upsurge of the epidemic, we commit ourselves to reimburse the entirety of your stay.

For the duration of the health crisis, a minimum stay of 2 nights is required.
Please respect the arrival and departure times: 5pm - 11am

Your room is ventilated and disinfected. We use a virucide that meets the required standards. Unnecessary items have been put away. Depending on the sanitary conditions during your stay, we may no longer be able to ensure our daily visit to your room. But of course, extra towels will be given to you on request and in case of a longer stay you may be asked to change the sheets we will provide.

The house is large enough to allow you to have your breakfast or dinner in complete serenity with physical distance between each group of guests.
Depending on the number of guests, a dinner or a snack is offered.

Tourist information is no longer available on a self-service basis, but only on request.
Hydro-alcoholic gel is available at various points in the house. And we encourage you to wash your hands several times a day.
The common sanitary facilities on the ground floor may be closed.
Disinfection of the common areas is carried out with particular attention to door handles, handrails, chairs, light switches, etc.
Depending on the sanitary situation, you may be asked to wear a mask when moving around the house.
Please disinfect your hands before entering a shared space (dining room, living room etc...).

Through all these rules, we wish to ensure a soothing atmosphere conducive to rest. Despite all our efforts to combat the virus, we cannot be held responsible for any contamination beyond our control.

We are counting on each of you to make sure that your stay is a pleasant one and that everyone is respected!

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In order to give you the best possible welcome,  check-in time is at 5 p.m , not before as we are not available between 1 p.m and 5 p.m.

Leaving: before 11:00 am.

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